My Kimchi Lid Is Raised

Our kimchi is packed full of fermented goodness so it is alive with culture, keep it cool in the fridge to slow down the fermentation.

My Kimchi Lid Popped When I Opened The Jar

Our kimchi is raw and preservative free, sometimes there may be a slight hiss or pop when you open your jar your kimchi is still good to eat it’s just saying hello.

How Long Will My Kimchi Last

If you can resist eating all your kimchi in one sitting, we suggest keeping it in the fridge where It will last for up to 12 months or longer and the flavour profile will develop during this time.

How Should I Eat My Kimchi

Kimchi is traditionally served as a side dish in Korea, however we eat our kimchi with everything, add to stews, sandwiches, salads and rice dishes.

My Kimchi Doesn’t Taste Exactly Like My Last Jar

Our kimchi is hand made in small batches and fermented for a minimum of 3 weeks for balanced fermentation and depth of flavour, depending on when you buy your kimchi the flavour profile could change.

Where Can I Buy South Coast Kimchi Co. Kimchi

Check out our stockist’s on the home page to see if if there’s a stockist near you. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram (@southcoastkimchico) to see the next market we will be at, feel free to pop us a message to get some kimchi to you.

Kimchi to your Door

Our friends at Artisan Bend are ready to send you some of our delicious kimchi straight to your door.