Our Story

It’s a love story really, born from late night desire, a passion for quality and of course… love.

Hi, I’m Emma and I am the founder of South Coast Kimchi Co. This little baby was born in 2019 on the South Coast of NSW one night when I was laying in bed in a pool of  own sweat at the height of summer.

I was craving kimchi, I quickly got searching for some in my area only to notice that there was no real kimchi available on the South Coast to buy. There was only one thing to do, I had no choice but to start making my own traditional kimchi.

South Coast Kimchi Co. makes hand crafted Kimch, bringing you the best quality ingredients for a delicious kimchi experience. We use a traditional fermentation method and our kimchi is wild, raw fermented at low temperatures between 1-4c to ensure a slow fermentation which not only results in a higher amount of lacto bacillus but also produces authentic tasting Korean kimchi.

Our Kimchi is fermented in small batches using fresh local ingredients, and filtered water. Our Kimchi is not pasteurized therefore needs to be refrigerated.  Enjoy our kimchi in stir fries, salads,, on its own or as a side dish. Our kimchi is not only tasty but is also good for you, making every bite good for your gut.

I started making my own kimchi and my friends and family asked if they could try it. After handing out a few jars the response was pretty overwhelming and after several people came back with empty jars, asking me to refill them it quickly dawned on me that I wasn’t the only one that was in need of a good Kimchi dealer.From then on I decided to take it upon myself to provide a service to the good people of the South Coast NSW and beyond and start making and selling fresh, raw, fermented delicious kimchi.I hope you enjoy our product as much 


What makes South Coast Kimchi Different?

All our ingredients are hand selected to ensure the best quality is delivered to you. Our cabbage is all cut by hand and we continue to make our kimchi in small batches because we believe this allows for a balanced fermentation. South Coast Kimchi Co is dedicated to bring you a traditional and delicious hand crafted product

Kimchi to your Door

Our friends at Artisan Bend are ready to send you some of our delicious kimchi straight to your door.